Vazu Flat Packable Expandable Vases

vazu vase1
Vazu Expandable Vases bring the beauty of colorful glass vases into a tiny storable, portable sheet. Vazu flower vases are made of layers of polymers, mainly polyethylene and polyester that allow it to fold as flat as a few sheets of paper. When it’s popped open and filled with water, it retains it’s shape and displays the colorful designs and looks just like a glass vase.

This foldability allows you to throw a vase (or two or ten) in your pocketbook, suitcase, beach bag, or kitchen drawer easily. Small apartment with no room to store extra vases? No problem. Class up your campsite with some flowers in a vase when you’re out hiking. You can bring one to someone in a hospital and they can bring home the flat packed vase when they leave. Best of all, it’s virtually unbreakable so it’s great for people with pets or kids that like to knock over glass vases.

While the materials it’s composed of are not as eco-friendly as glass, overall it is a greener more environmentally friendly choice since the Vazu’s manufacturing and shipping costs are significantly smaller than giant glass vases. It’s manufacturing requires less heat than it does to mold glass and since they fold flat, you can ship 50-200 vases in the space it would to ship just one glass vase, saving fossil fuels and emissions from transport. It comes in a variety of inexpensive color and shape choices.

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