Gear Up: Donkey Kong Style Clothing

In this segment, called Gear Up, we’ll bring you a (semi) complete outfit in awesome geek style. Today’s theme is Donkey Kong. With the full advice of Gear Up’s team of fashion experts you could look like this (MASSIVE thanks to Zachary from Stupid Inventions for the photoshop):
donkey kong outfit
So how does a fashion forward outfit like that come together? Here’s the breakdown:
donkey kong hat
Let’s start at the top with this supafresh DK lid (that would be a sweet Donkey Kong hat. Officially licensed and brimming (get it “brimming”) with DK goodness, this baseball hat features the famed ape with a forest background.
on like donkey kong shirt
It is on like Donkey Kong baby with this sweet It’s On Like Donkey Kong T-Shirt. With the cool vintage style 8 bit looking graphics, this shirt oozes retro coolness.

donkey kong belt buckle
You’re gonna wanna hold your pants up and Gear Up presents you with the Donkey Kongest way to do that with a Unisex DONKEY KONG Metal Belt Buckle. This belt buckle features the likeness of the evil ape and the Princess waiting to be saved. “Help” she cries, you’ve only got two lives left, you better get hammering.
donkey kong wristbands
Videogaming is rough sweaty work. You’re going to need something to wipe the sweat off your brow without leaving the arcade game and thus ending your game. After all, there’s a potential Donkey Kong kill screen coming up. Well you’re in luck because they make stretch elastic embroidered terrycloth Nintendo Donkey Kong Wristbands for you to keep your cool under fire.
donkey kong boxers
Moving on to the lower half of the body, you can outfit your bottoms in some classy Nintendo Donkey Kong Boxer Shorts assuring that it will never be “game over” with your love life.

Now let me just state for the record that I really did try to find Donkey Kong pants, shorts, socks, shoes, slippers, or any sort of footwear with no success. There is some passing internet references to Donkey Kong sneakers from the 80’s but I could not find any images. So with that, you have a semi-complete Donkey Kong outfit. Gear Up gamers!

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