Fly-Goodbye Pistol Insect Killer

There’s nothing more annoying than flies inside your house or office. They’re virtually impossible to kill and when you do you usually end up with a splat mark on your wall or desk. Sure you could open the window and let them out but wouldn’t that just let more flies in? That’s a problem. Now eliminating flies is fun and effective with the Fly Goodbye gun.

The Fly Goodbye works on a simple vacuum principle with a dual piston system. Pump the tube and suck in the flies. You can use the included internal glue traps to kill the flies (or for scientific examination or whatever) or just keep them in the inescapable chamber and release them later. Whether you choose to release them outside or in a frenemy’s office is up to you.

The main thing is that it makes trapping flies fun again! Certainly more fun than hanging up a yellow glue strip and waiting. You can buy the Fly Goodbye for just $29.99 at ThinkGeek.