Dad Builds Son AT-AT Imperial Walker Bed, Shames All Other Dads

Luckily my kid isn’t old enough to see this post because I and all other dads in the world have just been shamed, humiliated, and embarrassed by some superdad who built his kid a freakin’ AT-AT Imperial Walker bed. Yes it’s as cool as it sounds. Hey superdad, wanna adopt me?

Apparently superdad couldn’t find an AT-AT bed for his kid (go figure) so he went down to his local Home Depot, picked up a few items, and built his own. Meanwhile, I sat on the couch, drank a beer, and watched baseball. Here’s a video of the build:

Yeah that whole top opens up and the kid Jedi can climb into it and back out from underneath via the escape hatch. Insaaane!

11 thoughts on “Dad Builds Son AT-AT Imperial Walker Bed, Shames All Other Dads

  1. This is nice, but a few hours with a router and jigsaw would have made it even more awesome. Plus he missed the boat when he forgot to make the bed underneath a t-47 snowspeeder.

  2. You can’t make the bed underneath a t-47. The scale would have been all wrong. Use your head.

  3. transformers are on the bed… seems its not 100% star wars… seems a fake in the pictures. maybe the father or the kid is not trully a star wars fan

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