10 Very Strange Michael Jackson Items

Michael Jackson passed away today. The King of Pop was a music legend with a long list of enduring hits. That said, there’s no denying that MJ had some very bizarre things going on his life, so it’s only fitting that we pay tribute with a list of 10 weirdest Michael Jackson items we could find:

The King of Pop has gone purple. It’s the Michael Jackson California Raisin. Michael Jackson as a singing gloved raisin? It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, but what about if you’re purple?

Michael said We Are the World and in Russia they make Michael Jackson Russian Nesting Dolls.

I’m looking at the Man in the Mirror and it’s Marilyn Monroe? WTF? Michael Jackson Marilyn Monroe – Pop Art Graphic T-shirt. Did I say WTF? Seriously what’s going on here?

The vintage Jackson Five Board Game from 1972. Look at the size of his ‘fro back then!! Wow.

Mind if I pour a little Jacko Juice on your dinner? Beat It? Ok but it’s just hot sauce.

Here’s on Off the Wall item: Michael Jackson Left Hand. 1/6 scale. Not a whole doll. Just his left hand. They have right hands and other hand poses available too in case you’re into that.

These might have been cool when they were made but now they just seem laughably dated. Michael Jackson Pogs– Smooth Criminal edition.

Smell like the King of Pop himself with Michael Jackson Cologne. The official Eau de Toilette of the Gloved One. I’m very curious what this smells like. Actually on second thought, no I’m not.

The strange thing about this 1984 Michael Jackson AM Transistor Radio is that by 1984 FM was pretty well established for music and AM was for talk. If you wanted to hear fine music by the ARTIST PICTURED ON THE RADIO you would have to get another radio that plays FM.

MJ is awesome but a Michael Jackson Shower Curtain? Michael is the last person I’d want staring at this PYT as I take a shower. Janet maybe but Michael no. Sorry. Sure I’ll be singing along with Michael’s songs but I don’t actually need him in the bathroom with me for that.

7 thoughts on “10 Very Strange Michael Jackson Items

  1. haahaha , i LOVE michael jackson . im actually surfing the internet right now for every possible thing i can buy ! i would soooo get that mj shower curtain , lol !

  2. Fantastic! I posted a link to this on our social networks in honor of the 1 year anniversary of MJ’s death – on facebook, myspace, and twitter. Those Michael Jackson Matryoshkas are great! I love novelty Russian nesting dolls and the different contemporary designs people come up with.

  3. what is this preson talkin about strange the only strange things i see on here is the left hand and the little rasin man even though its cute my fave was the mj curtians it really looks like his shawdoi want everything on this list wether i use them or not its always gud to have mj things around the house

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