Baseball with Built in Radar Gun Tells How Fast You Pitch

Ever wanted to know exactly how fast you’re throwing the baseball? You see the players on TV throwing 90mph or more and wonder just how fast that is exactly. Now you can find out if you’ve got major league stuff with the Baseball with Built in Radar. This baseball claims to be as accurate as a major league radar gun. The digital display shows exactly how fast you’ve pitched up to 120mph (and if you exceed 120mph, let me know asap! the Mets could use another starter.) It measures the speed once the ball has gone 45-65 feet in the air. Batteries are included- just be sure not to hit it with a bat!

In related gadgets- there’s also the Sports Sensors Glove Radar which attaches to your baseball glove and measure the speed of balls you catch by using microwave doppler radar. So this can be used not only for pitchers but for all position players to see how fast their throws are. Both of these devices are great training aids for baseball coaches and parents.