Internet Memes Embroidered

Internet memes have never been so cute! Well some of them have been but certainly not 2 Girls 1 Cup or Chuck Norris Facts. Super embroidery master geek Kittyzilla has gone ahead and knit a bunch of the most popular internet memes of all time into a single quilt. Technically some of these are just viral videos and not true memes but it’s all still pop culture cesspool fodder destined for the anals of history. Yes I meant to write anals. Here’s what you’re looking at: 1. Hamster Dance, 2. 2 Girls, 3. All Your Base, 4. Badger Badger Badger, 5. Dramatic Gopher, 6. Domo, 7. Chuck Norris Facts, 8. Leave Britney ALONE!, 9. Raptor Jesus.

craftershock via tdd