Ninja Throwing Star USB Drive

Why are geeks obsessed with ninjas? I’m not sure, maybe it’s because ninjas are freakin’ awesome? There must be a deeper sociological explanation than that. Anyway, as awesome and as deadly as ninjas are, they do occasionally need to use weapons. The ninja throwing star is the weapon of choice among geek ninja fans. If Daniel LaRusso had throwing stars he could have taken down Cobra Kai easily without hurting his leg. Of course the movie would have sucked. Sweep the leg!

So here’s a ninja throwing star USB flash drive, proving that we haven’t yet run out of awesome things to make into useless drives. Interestingly, this drive comes with a warning that you could actually hurt yourself with it. That would be an embarrassing injury- maimed by a flash drive. Carry on.

geekstuff4u via akihabara