7 Foot Long LEGO Star Wars Mon Calamari Cruiser

Check out this amazing Mon Calamari Cruiser from Star Wars (the Home One version from Return of the Jedi for those keeping score at home) made from 30,500 LEGO pieces. It measures 82 inches long, here’s a photo of it for scale:

What’s awesome about this ship is that it’s totally curved with nary a straight edge anywhere. And it’s constructed with squared blocks. The construction of this ship took 11 months to do. That’s heavy stuff! Speaking of heavy, there’s 52 pounds of LEGO used to make this at a cost of $5500. It also has an integrated lighting system for a cool effect. EPIC. CONFIRMED.

via brothers brick

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  1. Yeah…your mom called, and she needs your Lego crap out of the.nbasement. She wants to know how many job applications you’ve sent out this week.

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