Collapsible Crutches

Crutches are handy and a necessity if you’ve injured your leg, foot, or ankle, but the problem is that they are quite large and bulky to store when you are sitting down. This design for collapsible crutches solves that problem by creating crutches that fold down into an easily portable device. Now you can go to a restaurant or sit in your car and have your crutches stored right next to you instead of leaning them up somewhere or cramming them into the back seat of your vehicle.

via yanko

11 thoughts on “Collapsible Crutches

  1. I’ve seen these cruches on your site and I think they are perfect for me as I have multiple sclerosis and need support for walking and as these fold and can fit into most situations I would love to purchase a pair, I would really appreciate it if you could help me on how I could.

    Thank you…….vin

  2. Hey Vin- here’s the designer’s page-
    I’m pretty sure they are just at the prototype stage and have not been manufactured, but I’m not really sure. Good luck, hopefully you can track these down or find something similar.

  3. Hello Vincent,

    I am glad to read your post about my crutch concept. They are only a concept, but perhaps I can find some funding. I designed them for everyone and discovered the need when watching people use them on planes, when getting into cars, and in other situations. Plus one size fits all. Glad to see the link here. If I do find funding I will get in touch!


    Jonathan C Smith

  4. Wow, these are just what I need right now! 2nd knee surgery has me on crutches during the winter. I like the broad foot but I wonder how adaptable it is to wet, snowy, icy conditions? traditional crutches have attachments that grip onto the ice.
    That said, your foot design looks more sturdy on dry/indoor surfaces.

    Great design, I can see so many improvements from the traditional set I use. I don’t know how many times my crutches slide from their perch against the counter while I sit to eat, aiming to take out some unwitting bystander! with your design, I could just collapse them and put them aside with the sound knowledge they won’t slide down to smack or trip some poor soul walkin’ by!

    hope you find your funding! there will be a line-up waiting for your invention!!

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