Man Draws Amazing Sketches with his iPhone

Jorge Colombo is Portuguese-born artist who has been published in a wide variety of major publications from the NY Times to the Wall Street Journal to Forbes Magazine. But lately he’s been doing some incredible sketches as seen here using just his iPhone.

Jorge uses a program called Brushes and draws each surprisingly detailed sketch using just his fingers on the touchscreen. Here’s a video showing the fingerstrokes needed to created one sketch. What’s amazing about these is that it’s almost as if he has an entire easel, canvas, paints and brushes all wrapped up into one tiny digital pocket sized device. Very innovative. Is this the future of digital art?

5 thoughts on “Man Draws Amazing Sketches with his iPhone

  1. Future? This is already in existence. Wacom has tablets that act as screens (Cintiques but there’s also a new, smaller version) and it would be easy too hook up to a laptop or netbook.

    There’s nothing innovative about this; it’s just impressive that he has so much skill on such a small device.

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