Phone Number 867-5309 Available on eBay

A New Jersey based DJ company is selling off their famous 867-5309 phone number on eBay. Made famous by the 80’s hit by Tommy Tutone (video here), virtually all of the 867-5309’s were removed from service. This one in the 201 area code managed to survive and receives between 8-10,000 calls per year (that’s about 25 per day!). It’s registered with Vonage (internet) phone company and is easily transferred with a simple modem so the winner can reside anywhere in the US.

See what the bidding is up to here: 867-5309 on eBay

4 thoughts on “Phone Number 867-5309 Available on eBay

  1. We had one of those numbers we were able to reserve for a customer. 40K, hell we would have held out.

    That’s ok, we are just launching in the next week so come by and check it out. We have thousands of great numbers,

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