Hubless Motorcycle Appears to Defy Physics

The hubless wheeled motorcycle, dubbed “The Hubless Monster”, from Amen Motorcycles looks like something out of Tron. These hubless wheels work by basically having a ring inside another ring. The body of the motorcycle attaches to the inner ring, which is fixed, while the outer ring and tire rotate around it. The result is one awesomely futuristic looking chopper. Here’s a video of it in action;

via jalopnik

9 thoughts on “Hubless Motorcycle Appears to Defy Physics

  1. My sister and brother n law own Revma Media, the company producing Amen Motorcycles new show that’ll be going on Fox Sports. Just look up…..Billy Lane ain’t got SHIT on Mike! Lol! Mike’s bikes have a much nicer and smoother design and I think they’re just MUCH cooler lookin’ in general. Mike can make anything!

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