Voice Command iPod Controller Lets You Go KITT Style on Your iPod

The Voice Command iPod Controller from Hammacher Schlemmer lets you control your iPod using the just the sound of your voice. Like Michael Knight telling KITT what to do, the gadget can control all your basic iPod functions- volume, play, stop, next track, etc. Unlike KITT, it can’t kill bad guys and do awesome spinout maneuvers.

You can even train it to recognize commands in another language (puede ense├▒ar a reconocer los comandos en otro idioma). This hands-free controller is great for use in the car, jogging, or while wearing gloves. You can even pretend you’re in 2001 and your iPod is HAL…from the beginning of the movie of course (spoiler alert!) before HAL decided to try to kill David Bowman and Frank Poole. Your iPod would never try to attack you.

Buy Voice Command iPod Controller at Hammacher Schlemmer for $89.95