Expanding Bookcase Looks Cool

The REK bookcase by Reinier de Jong is designed to grow with your collection. The interlocking panels slide out as you purchase more and more books (or knickknacks, tchotchkes, trinkets, gewgaws, bibelots, gimcracks, baubles, curios or bric-a-brac). The great thing about this bookcase is that it looks really cool even closed up and equally as cool when fully expanded. And if your bookcase looks cool, then your stuff is going to look cool on it. It’s the transitive property. It’s why the ugly chick out with her two hot friends doesn’t look worse in comparison, she looks better than she would if surrounded by ugly girls. The hotness is like a bubble, upping the stature of anyone in it. This is also known as the Nicole Richie effect.

dezeen via bbg

7 thoughts on “Expanding Bookcase Looks Cool

  1. Simply attach the high-torque electric motor with rack-and-pinion gearbox, and it double as a book crusher!

  2. craziestgadgets.com does not endorse book crushing (although if you do something like that, we’ll post about it).

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