Star Wars Electronic Battleship

Star Wars Electronic Battleship takes the classic kid’s game Battleship and updates it to ultimate geekery. It comes with six different Imperial and six Republic ships to battle it out in one of four different games. The system guides players through the different games with digitized voice commands, while the distinctive sound of ion cannons, concussion missiles, and proton torpedoes signal salvo launches. You can even play solo (as in by yourself, not Han Solo). The whole game folds up so you can take it with you.

Available at Amazon: Electronic Battleship: Star Wars
and Hammacher: Star Wars Battleship

One thought on “Star Wars Electronic Battleship

  1. This game is kinda broken. The X,Y grid worked great for regular Battleship, since it’s on the (somewhat 2D) ocean. Space is 3D and would need an X,Y,Z matrix. Come to think of it, pretty much all the old Star Wars video games were pseudo-3D.

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