Crayola Digital Concepts Camcorder is Great for Kids

Kids love to play with cameras and videocameras. But if you think I’m letting some whippersnapper touch my expensive HD camcorder, getting greasy fingers all over the screen and wasting half of my storage on a 20 minute shot of a rock being thrown down the driveway over and over again, you’re dead wrong! No little punk kid is touching my gadgets, no way.

That’s why Crayola has introduced the Digital Concepts Camcorder specifically designed for kids. Rated for ages 5 and up, it comes in great bright colors and is simple to use. The camera has a 1.5inch preview screen, sound effect buttons, built in microphone, and SD memory card slot for storage. The kid-friendly Video Genie software makes it easy for your little ones to make their own movies. It includes five activity centers to entertain and educate: photo editing center, story maker, puppet show, photo frames and jigsaw puzzles. Of course most of the fun is getting out there and shooting stuff on the camera. Most importantly it’s cheap!

More info at Amazon: Digital Concepts Crayola Digital Camcorder Green

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