TeleSpy Motion Sensor Intruder Alert Disguised as a Telephone

The TeleSpy is an ingenious home security gadget. It works as a normal landline phone and looks no different but it has a few special features that make it so great. Once it’s set as a security device, it uses a motion sensor to detect intruders within 30 feet. Then when the TeleSpy detects an intruder, it calls a number you pre-set and allows you to listen in to the room for 30 seconds via an amplified hidden microphone. After 30 seconds the phone will re-arm itself. This is a great DIY home security item ideal for people who want a simple, portable way to secure their home without having to break open any walls. There are a few different TeleSpy models and features to choose from.

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5 thoughts on “TeleSpy Motion Sensor Intruder Alert Disguised as a Telephone

  1. This device is really cool but wouldn’t you want the intruder to know that there is an alarm in the house? I think that it is more important to prevent someone from getting into your home by warning them that you have an alarm rather than having them in your home and the suddenly doing something about it.

  2. I have a problem with having loser, thieving friends. THe phone device would help me catch the culprit, which would be more useful than just scaring him off. This way I can find him and then destroy him. Forever.

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