Candlestick Flashlight Combines Two Great Weapons

The Castlight is the greatest weapon known to mankind. It combines two classic weapons into one- the candlestick and the maglight flashlight. You’re probably familiar with the candlestick from the game Clue and other real murder mysteries you may have been witness to and the maglight flashlight from getting beatdown by bouncers and security guards outside the club you got kicked out of.

The Castlight is also doubly useful tool of luminescence. It looks like a fancy candlestick and can also function as one by holding a candle. But flip it over (NOT WITH A LIT CANDLE IN IT DUMMY!!!) and it’s an LED flashlight powered by 3 AA batteries. It has a rubberized texture to give you a firm grip to administer proper beatdowns. Or just to light your way during power outage. It’s your choice.

Buy it at Lazybones UK via OhGizmo

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