Ice Orb Chills Stores and Serves Ice Cubes and More

The Ice Orb is the future of ice cube making- today! The Ice Orb is basically a bucket surrounded by a larger bucket which is actually the ice cube tray. The tray can make up to 21 ice cubes at once- vertically and then you can store another 30 inside the bucket. It’s spillproof when you’re making the ice cubes- you simply remove the inner bucket, fill the outer ice cube tray halfway with water and thn re-insert the inner bucket which forces the water into the ice cube molds. No more messy pouring!

There is a lid to keep everything airtight and fresh. You can also use the central bucket to serve chilled food out of or as a wine bottle chiller. This is truly an innovation in ice cubes!

Product page at Amazon: Fusion Brands 8014 Ice Orb 6-in.