Keromin- Half Theremin Half Kermit the Frog

Meet Keromin, he’s what happens when you turn your Kermit the Frog stuffed animal into a musical instrument. It’s probably not actually Kermit, but some other less famous frog but hey- work with me here! The theremin is a musical instrument that produces sound by holding your hand in proximity to the base, you don’t actually touch it to make the notes. You might be familiar with the sound of it from the opening theme to Star Trek.

This puppetstrument is designed so that the pitch of the theremin is altered when you open or close the frog’s mouth. You pull his arm to adjust to volume and his belly contains the speaker. As for his legs? Sold off to the French for dinner! Here’s a quick video of the Keromin in action:

Keromin via crunchgear