Ice Cube Curling Game

ice cube curling game
Curling is a great sport that only seems to be popular here in the US during the Winter Olympics. After the Games are over, it’s tossed aside and forgotten about as if it were some weird thing only Canadians are into (like the Tragically Hip). Ok admittedly “Ahead By a Century” is a decent song but other than that, they seem to be a bit generic and bland to me. What the hell was I talking about again…oh yes- curling.

So yeah, curling had a big event in Rockefeller Center that was broadcast by NBC on national TV but that’s about it. Maybe the reason it hasn’t caught on is because it’s nearly impossible to play here in the warmer climate of the US. Yes you can play on an ice rink but unlike hockey there is no ice-free alternative to curling like there is with street hockey or roller hockey. Until someone straps on some wheels to curling stones, you need the ice to play. Well not anymore.

With the Ice Cube Curling Game anyone with a freezer can play a miniature version of curling. The set comes with an ice cube tray to freeze up the curling stones and small plastic colored handles to attach to the stones. There are also tiny brooms and a board with the target. I’m not sure how long you can keep a game going since the ice cube stones will melt as you play, but it’s sure to be a novelty fun item for at least a little while. The Ice Cube Curling Game is currently listed as a “coming soon” product at wholesaler Volumeload so look for it soon at your local online gadget shop.