Pabst Beer Can Coffin

beer can coffin
Bill Bramanti loves his Pabst Blue Ribbon. How much? Enough that he has created a Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Can Coffin. The 67 year old Illinois resident had it custom made for his 5 foot 9 inch 280 lb body. It makes sense to me, bad taste in beer, bad taste in coffins. Bramanti isn’t just letting his beer can coffin sit around waiting for him to die; he’s putting it to good use in the meantime as a Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Can Coffin Beer Cooler filled with Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice, natch.


One thought on “Pabst Beer Can Coffin

  1. Hey, the guys got a passion for his favorite beer. Pabst is definitely the best beer for the price.

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