One Horsepower Car Actually Powered By One Horse

one horsepower car
A Dubai man, Abdolhadi Mirhejazi, has put the horse before the car, literally with a vehicle he dubs “Naturmobil”. The horse runs on a fiberglass treadmill behind the driver and powers a battery which powers the car. The driver monitors the horse’s vital signs and can stop the treadmill if the horse is tired or overheated. The car will then run off the stored energy in the battery. All all-weather canopy protects the horse and can be opened in warmer weather helping to keep the car cruelty-free (there’s also no whipping of the horse).

The vehicle can reach speeds of up to 50mph but average cruising speed is a more buggy-like 12mph (20km/h) The horse also generates enough juice to run two LCD screens on either side which are used for advertising. The car is being brought to the USA for exhibit at a festival in California next month.