Geek Weathervane

geek weathervane
Yes this is a real working product and not a photoshop. Be geek-proud with this unique apparatus. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows when you can just look at your Geek Weathervane.

Since this is a geek product, let’s get technical: The Geek Weathervane is handmade in the USA out of strong 16 gauge steel, covered with copper colored powder coat paint. The top of the weather vane pivots on a strong stainless steel pin and the wind-cups have a sealed ball bearing that will spin with the slightest breeze. It comes with a rod to mount it in your garden or your choice of roof, post, or side mounts. It’s also totally awesome.

Available to buy for about $50 on Ebay:
Geek Weathervane

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