Bleeding Ink Calendar and Growing Plant Artwork

ink calendar
The Ink Calendar from London based product designer Oscar Diaz is a calendar that keeps track of time by controlling the ink bleeding on the paper. The ink slowly bleeds up from the inkwell into the paper at a speed that allows it to keep proper time. He has also designed “growing” plant artwork that uses the same principle.

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6 thoughts on “Bleeding Ink Calendar and Growing Plant Artwork

  1. I would think the speed of the ink traveling through the paper would depend upon the temperature, and possibly the humidity as well.

    I’d imagine if it’s hung on a wall with direct sunlight all day it’ll prolly travel faster, than say if it were placed in a cold basement.

    As artwork, it’s probably hung in a controlled environment… I just wanted to point out what my thoughts were, because that seems like an important consideration.

  2. if you read the ink was hooked up to a machine that controlled the release of ink

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