BedUp Ceiling Mounted Murphy Bed Saves Space, Looks Cool

bed up
The BedUp from Decadrages (note: site is in French) is a huge space saving invention for anyone living in tight quarters. While the wall mounted fold up Murphy Bed is popular here in New York City and elsewhere, the BedUp takes the concept to a higher level- the ceiling.

The major advantage of the slick looking BedUp is that it can be lowered to any height, so you can lower it just enough to clear your furniture without having to move anything out from underneath it. Another advantage over a Murphy Bed is that you don’t have to strap in your bedding before folding it up. Note that there may not be enough head clearance for this thing in your parents basement, so if you really want one maybe it’s time to move out to the real world.

via BornRich

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