Shot Gun Flask


  • Stainless steel flask.
  • Holds 4 ounces.
  • Shoot from the hip (flask).

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Take your best shot! The stainless steel Shot Gun Flask features an embossed gun emblem on one side that makes it more interesting (and way cooler) than your standard boring plain ol’ flask.

It’s taking an enormous amount of restraint for us to not throw in a bunch of Clint Eastwood quotes right here. So you should feel lucky, punk. Oh no, we couldn’t resist! You’ve got to ask yourself one question, does this flask hold six shots or five? Well actually it holds up to 4 ounces.

That’s enough of that. But seriously, couldn’t Dirty Harry have solved all of his problems by just taking a few shots from a Shot Gun Flask instead from his trusty .44 Magnum? No? And that’s why we’re writing about gadgets here and not movie scripts.



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“Shot Gun Flask”