Salt and Pepper Wind-Up Robots


  • Salt and pepper shakers.
  • Wind-up robots really work.
  • Easiest way to pass the salt.

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The age of robots is finally upon us. No longer must us humans be forced to do such mundane tasks as passing the salt or pepper across the table when our robotic butlers can do our bidding. It’s like an automated seasoning delivery system.

These Salt and Pepper Bots are more than just robotic salt and pepper shakers- they are working wind-up robots. Wind ’em up and let them walk across the table themselves. It’s just like having Rosie from the Jetsons on your kitchen table, except with less talking.

  • Measures 3.74″ tall each.
  • Wind-up robots really walk.
  • Made of food grade plastic.
  • The future is here.
  • Salt and pepper delivery robots.



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“Salt and Pepper Wind-Up Robots”