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itape deck caseiretro cassette case

Retro Cassette Tape iPhone 5 Case and Stand

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  • Old school style.
  • Silicone iPhone 5 case.
  • Plastic cassette case works as a stand.

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Make your iPhone 5 look like an old school cassette tape! Back in 1980′s before we could put all of our music on iPods and smartphones, the humble audio cassette reigned supreme. Get that flavor back with all the functionality of the latest smartphone.

Sure back then we only had 45 minutes of music before we had to physically take the tape out and flip it over. Sometimes we had to take a pencil out to tighten up the reels sometimes. That’s what we had and liked it (we also used to do breakdancing headspins on a sheet of linoleum flooring, so maybe our judgement was slightly clouded).

The iTape Deck is a silicone case that will protect your iPhone 5 series phone from bumps and scratches while maintaining that old school retro vibe. It looks just like a classic audio cassette. The included plastic cassette tape case opens up to work as a stand. Prop it up and watch those breakdancing videos.



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“Retro Cassette Tape iPhone 5 Case and Stand”