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Party Bowling


  • Instant can bowling alley.
  • Strike out boredom.
  • 3 feet long.

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Get the party out of the gutter without a moment to spare with Party Bowling. This 3 foot long cardboard bowling lane is ready to roll, just add cans. Folds up when not in use.

Use your empty (important! empties only!) soda or beer cans to set up a tabletop game of 6 pin bowling. Use 6 cans for the pins and crush one up to use as the bowling bowl. It’s a perfect strike for indoor and outdoor parties.

  • 3 feet long.
  • Use cans (not included) as pins and ball.
  • Easier to transport than a real bowling alley.
  • Strike out boredom.
  • Bowling is the new beer pong.
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