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Numbers Mug Set

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  • Set of 6 mugs.
  • Bold graphics.
  • Numbered 1 through 6.

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Take a number. This set of Numbers Mugs manages to be a cohesive set yet each mug is completely different. If these mugs had a resume it would say “thrives both individually and in a team environment”. They also work well in a fast paced environment and are self-motivated. Heck, I’d hire these mugs as my personal assistant to grab me some coffee if I could.

Each ceramic mug has a bold numbered graphic on it, each number in a different color. The numbers are repeated on the bottom as well so you can pick out your lucky number even if the mugs are stored upside down.

Great for both home and the office, these mugs let everyone get a unique mug. No more coffee confusion, everyone will know which mug they were using.

  • Set of 6 ceramic mugs.
  • Numbered on side and bottom.
  • Each mug is a different color.
  • The 3, 1, and 4 can be arranged as Pi.
  • Striking graphics.



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“Numbers Mug Set”