Mustache Tape Dispenser
Mustache Tape Dispenser in useMustache Tape Dispenser boxMustache Tape Dispenser

Mustache Tape Dispenser


  • Tape dispenser.
  • I mustache you for some tape.
  • Works with any standard roll of tape.

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It’s an eye-catching desk accessory that holds a roll of tape. The Mustache Tape Dispenser takes stylish facial hair and puts it on your desk just like a bearded co-worker who keeps resting his chin atop your cubicle (trust us, it really happens!) except not as awkward.

This tape dispenser makes a great gift. It’s easy to find your tape on your desk when it’s housed in a mustache. Better to keep it in a Mustache Tape Dispenser than stuck to a real mustache (trust us, it really happens- seriously- ouch).

  • Looks like a mustache.
  • Great gift.
  • Holds a standard roll of Scotch tape.
  • (tape not included)
  • Comes in an attractive I Heart Mustaches box.
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