mobble in use
mobblemobble in use

Mobble Flexible Phone Stand


  • Sticks to any smooth surface.
  • Flexible phone stand.
  • Compact and lightweight.

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Maybe we’ve been over-thinking this whole phone mount business. Why make some complicated over-engineered stand when a simple pair of suction cups on a ball and socket joint will do the job? That’s exactly what the Mobble does- it simply holds your phone.

The Mobble is lightweight mounting solution. The ball and socket joint gives you maximum 360 degree flexibility to position your smartphone where you want it. The suction cups can easily stick to your windshield, tables, desks, windows, kitchen or bathroom tiles, fridge, or anyplace else with a smooth flat surface.

The two halves can separate if you want to use it as a handle-like holder. The Mobble is so compact and lightweight, it’s great for traveling- just toss it in your bag and go.



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“Mobble Flexible Phone Stand”