mini crime scene tape
mini crime scene tape in usemini crime scene tape

Mini Crime Scene Tape


  • 100 feet of tape.
  • For life's minor crimes.
  • Highly effective.

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A minor crime has been committed in your office! Take action now- cordon off the area with some Mini Crime Scene Tape and secure the perimeter. Round up some suspects, put them in a cubicle lineup, grill them about their whereabouts, and nail the perp who stole your pen!

For life’s tiny crimes, comes a tiny way to mark off the scene of the crime. Each plastic dispenser comes with 100 feet of crime scene tape in an illustrated box. Use it to fix tiny tears or to tape up the evidence (or a note) to your monitor.

  • 100 feet of miniature crime scene tape.
  • Plastic dispenser.
  • Let those office perps know who the boss is.
  • Works just like Scotch tape, except more police-like.



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