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Mini Biohazard Tape


  • Create mini-containment zones.
  • 100 feet of Biohazard tape.
  • For life’s little accidents.

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Whether it’s a dirty officemate, roommate, spouse, or child- it’s never you that’s the slob. You’re the clean one, the one that respects other’s spaces- and noses. So show them exactly how far beyond the boundaries of good hygiene they’ve gone with this roll of Mini Biohazard Tape.

You know a biohazard when you see it (and smell it!) Create your own mini-desktop containment zones. Caution tape off those dirty socks on the coffee table. Use it to tape closed that vile smelling office fridge (if you’re able to get close enough to it!) Each plastic dispenser comes with 100 feet of 3/4″ wide tape in an illustrated box.

  • 100 feet of 3/4″ wide tape per roll.
  • Comes with tape dispenser and illustrated packaging.
  • Raise awareness of hygiene safety.



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