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Legless Pirate Corkscrew


  • Pirate corkscrew and bottle opener.
  • More useful than a pegleg pirate.
  • Arrrr.

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Shiver me timbers- it’s a pirate corkscrew and he’s looking for port (or maybe a merlot). This pirate might have only one leg but that doesn’t mean he can’t put the other one to good use because it’s a corkscrew.

This sommelier’s favorite is designed like the classic “waiter’s friend” bottle opener but with all the trimmings of a peg-leg pirate- eye patch, beard, hook hand, earing, black bandana, and of course a parrot. The only booty this scurvy dog is going to get is a cork.

  • Corkscrew, easy-open lever, foil cutter, and bottle opener.
  • One legged pirate.
  • Looking for port.
  • Yo ho ho and a bottle of your finest red.
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