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iSnapx Remote iPhone Wireless Shutter Controller

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  • Remote picture taking device.
  • Take selfies and group shots from a distance.
  • iOS compatible.

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Put down that outstretched arm and take selfies and group shots from up to 10 feet away with the iSnapX Remote. No more pressing the self-timer on your phone and then running like crazy to try to get in the shot before it clicks. Put an end to bathroom mirror selfies (please!)

This innovative device connects to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod via Bluetooth and acts as a remote control to snap pictures. Get back to taking great pictures!

The iSnapx works as tiny camera shutter to take photos remotely. It’s even shaped like a camera. It comes with an elastic band stand to keep your iPhone propped up and ready to take that perfect picture.

To use it, load up the free app. Then place your iPhone or iPad into position. Line up your shot. Casually stroll into the frame (no rush!). When you or everyone in your group is ready, smiling, and looking at the camera, press the button. Snap. The remote can be hidden in your hand because it’s Bluetooth and doesn’t need line of sight to work.

  • Tiny remote shutter control.
  • Works via Bluetooth.
  • Take better selfies!
  • Includes iPhone stand.
  • iOS 5.1 or higher and free app download required.
  • Battery included.



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