ice cream sandwich pool float
ice cream sandwich pool float

Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float


  • 6 feet long.
  • Won't melt in the sun.
  • Deliciously relaxing.

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It’s an ice cream float. Relax in your pool atop a gigantic ice cream sandwich. While real ice cream sandwiches get all melty in the sun and make your fingers all sticky (why does the “cookie” part always get on your fingers anyway?), this one keeps it’s cool. Plus it’s less fattening.

This inflatable super fun pool float measures over 6 feet long when it’s blown up. It even has a bite take out, so you can position your shark inflatable right next to it and open it’s big mouth and create a scene. Or just dangle your foot in the water.

  • Inflatable.
  • 6 feet long by 30″ wide.
  • It floats.
  • Looks like an ice cream sandwich with a bite taken out.
  • Made of durable vinyl.
  • Won’t melt or make you fat.
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