retro game controller pool float
retro game controller pool floatgamer pool float box

Game Controller Pool Float


  • Now you're floating with power.
  • Looks like an NES game controller.
  • Be cool in the pool.

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Remember sitting inside all summer playing Super Mario Bros. or John Madden Football on your Nintendo while your mom yelled at you to go outside and get some fresh air? Maybe you had a daydream that your little rectangular NES controller was actually a pool float and you were laying out in the sun, floating away. Well wake up, it’s the 21st century now and it’s not a dream.

This pool float is over 4 feet wide and will turn your pool into a gamer’s paradise. Catch some rays, retro controller style. You can even practice doing giant sized Konami codes. The best part is that you’re not tethered by a wire to a toaster sized box and a flickering screen. Plus your mother won’t be yelling at you.

  • Looks like an NES controller.
  • Over 4 feet wide.
  • up up down down left right left right B A start.
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