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Fli-Tunes: Frisbee and Amplifier


  • It's more than just a frisbee.
  • Pops out into a cone shape to amplify your phone.
  • Physics at work!

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There’s nothing better on a nice day than throwing a frisbee around with some friends and then relaxing with some great tunes. With the Fli-Tunes you can do both in a super fun way.

Fli-Tunes is the ultimate outdoor accessory. In it’s “flat mode” it works like a frisbee, flying through the air. Toss it around, make diving catches, do cartwheel backflip catches- you know the regular stuff you do with a flying disc.

But you can also pop out the center which gives it a cone-like shape. Slip your smartphone or iPod in the middle and the Fli-Tunes will amplify your music- no batteries required.

It’s physics at work and at play.



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“Fli-Tunes: Frisbee and Amplifier”