usb charging buddha
usb charging buddhausb buddha

Buddha Car Charger


  • Calmly charge your phone.
  • USB port.
  • Say goodbye to road rage.

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It’s crazy out there on the road, everyone’s in a rush, cutting you off, not yielding, not respecting the right of way. It can be hard to remain calm in the face of insanity. It can also be hard to keep your phone fully charged.

No more worries, digital Buddha is here to serenely charge your phone. Just plug in this gold colored Buddha into your car’s 12V power socket and plug your phone or any USB device into his belly. Now you’re charging without any phone battery life anxiety. Ahhh, serenity now.

  • Extremely serene.
  • Be happy, avoid suffering, stay fully charged.
  • Fits most car’s 12V power socket.
  • Powers most USB devices.
  • Input 12-24V, output 5V, 1R.
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