biohazard caution tape
biohazard caution tapebiohazard tape package

Biohazard Crime Scene Tape


  • 50 feet long.
  • Say “Biohazard- Stay Out”.
  • Cordon off a household disaster zone.

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You never know when a household or office biohazard will occur so you should always be ready to warn everyone. Whether your baby just ate some asparagus, your roommate is going on month 2 without doing laundry, the dog is crop dusting everyone in the house, or your co-worker is cooking up fish in the common kitchen microwave (again), you need to get out the caution tape.

This Biohazard Crime Scene tape looks just like the real deal on TV, bright yellow with bold black letters. There’s 50 feet per roll, which is enough to cover all your household emergencies, at least for a little while.



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