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Bendy Snake Light

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  • Wrap it around things.
  • Light up eyes.
  • Sssssnake.

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Light your way with the power of snake eyes. No, not a pair of ones on some dice but a flexible snake with illuminating eyes. Just press on the snake’s head and it’s eyes light up. They light up with red LEDs instead of venomous rage.

Just like a real snake, this one had a body that is flexible. You can wrap it around your bicycle frame, bag strap, purse, wrist, or anywhere else you might need some light. You can even bring it on a plane (unless you happen to be Samuel L. Jackson, who has had enough of these snakes on a plane).

  • Eyes light up.
  • Non-venomous.
  • Flexible body.
  • Wrap it around things.
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