Army Man Mug


  • Army man guards your coffee mug.
  • Drop and give me 10 (lumps of sugar).
  • Made of ceramic.

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Are you ready to get up and face the world, soldier? Then drop and give me 20 (spoonfuls of sugar). This Army Man Coffee Mug comes in a color best described as “Army green” and has a little Army man as a handle.

The Army guy looks just like those plastic Army guy toys you had as a kid right down to the “stand” under his feet. Except this one is made of ceramic, holds hot beverages, and won’t hurt your feet when you accidentally step on it (why would you do that?) Great gift for the soldier or hero in your world.

  • Made of ceramic.
  • Holds approximately 12 ounces.
  • Looks like the little green Army men toys.
  • Comes in a neat camouflage box.
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    “Army Man Mug”