The 50/50 Customizable Savings Bank


  • 2 compartments you label.
  • Kinda like Plinko.
  • Save up for 2 different things.

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Saving your coins has never been more fun. The 50/50 Bank lets you save up for two different things. Each of the compartments on the bottom has a dry erase front so you can label them any way you want.

You can save for one responsible thing and one fun thing. Or two responsible things. Or how about something like “beer” and “more beer”?

This bank is a fun way to save. When you drop a coin in, it ricochets randomly through the pegs before dropping into one of the two labeled sections. You never know where it will land. It’s just like pachinko or Plinko from the Price is Right.

You don’t have to decide what to save for, let fate guide you. Puts the fun back into banks!

  • Bank with 2 compartments.
  • Fun to drop coins in.
  • You can label the sections yourself.
  • Inclues a dry erase marker.
  • About 10.5″ tall.
  • Feel like you’re on the Price is Right every day.



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“The 50/50 Customizable Savings Bank”