3D Spaceship Cookie Cutters

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  • Make 3D cookie spaceships.
  • 4 different styles (1 per order, random selection).
  • Intergalactic snack.

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Bake your way to far reaches of the galaxy with these 3D Spaceship Cookie Cutters. Make cookies that stand up like 3D spaceships. Your baking will really take off….

Get one of 4 different spaceship styles (Rocket, Shuttle, Star Fighter and Space Buggy) and each one lets you bake the necessary parts to assemble a spaceship. Just cut the dough, bake, then slot the cookies together, and eat your spaceships. Most likely you’ll throw in an extra “social media bragging” step in there, but that’s optional.

Note: selection is random but if you order more than one we will be sure to send you different spaceships.



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“3D Spaceship Cookie Cutters”