What is Craziest Gadgets?
CraziestGadgets.com is a site dedicated to the craziest gadgets, gizmos, toys, technology, and design.

I have a tip, idea, suggestion, press release, proposal, product announcement or complaint. What should I do?
Is it crazy? Is it relevant? Email it to us:. No spam please! Rest assured we do read every email even if we’re too busy to respond.

Who’s in charge of this site?
Jeffrey Katz is the owner, operator, writer, tech guy, marketing guru, and sole employee. If you see something on the site, Jeffrey Katz was the one who put it there (unless it’s something you don’t like, then someone else must have done it for sure). Yes even this paragraph that’s in the 3rd person was written by Jeffrey Kaz. Craziest Gadgets is part of Black Bear Network Inc.

I want to do a guest post, buy a link, post my infographic, etc. etc.
Sorry, no guest posts at this this time. No link sales. No infographics. No etc’s.

Where do you find all these crazy gadgets?
The internet.

Where can I buy some of these crazy gadgets?
We will almost always link to a place where you can purchase the gadgets we post about or get more information. Some things are just simply not for sale or we can’t find out where to buy them. Sorry. If there’s no link, we don’t know. You should buy at least one of everything we post.

How can I get CraziestGadgets.com delivered right to me?
You can sign up for our feed by clicking here. You can then subscribe in the RSS reader of your choice or get our daily email instead. Or both.

Are you on Twitter?
Yo, we’re like totally on Twitter. @CraziestG

What about Facebook? I hear it’s going to be huge.
I seriously doubt this Facebook thing will ever really catch on with people but just in case Like Us Now

Bro, are you on Pinterest?
First off, don’t bro me if you don’t know me. But yeah we’re on Pinterest too

What’s that little symbol? Are those B00bs?
You mean this thing you perv? It’s two gears turning a wheel.

Who did your logo?
Big thanks to Michael from Graphics and Gravy for the logo design. That robot’s name is the Crazebot and he’s craaaazy about gadgets by the way.

That last post wasn’t a gadget and your writing rambles and makes no sense.
Yes. What’s the question here?

Dude you totally stole my picture!
Craziest Gadgets makes every attempt to properly credit all our sources. Most of our posts are covered under the Fair Use doctrine which (in a nutshell) allows for use of copyright materials for parody and review. If you feel you were not properly credited, or are the owner of a photo and wish for it to be removed, please email us at: .

I want to send you a product to test out and review.
Craziest Gadgets loves testing and reviewing stuff. But we hate going to the post office (does anyone?) to return things. If you want to have your product involved in a giveaway, contest or promotion, definitely send in your proposal! We do frequent giveaways and are always looking for more cool items. Click here see some of our previous contests. We work on a Mac but we do have access to a PC to test out products. Sometimes we’re a little slow.

I left a comment and it didn’t show up.
Sorry about that! It probably got caught by the spam filter. If your comment had more than 2 links in it, it’s definitely blocked. Try resubmitting. We love comments! Update: you’ll have to use Facebook to comment now, it’s just easier for us to manage. Thank you.

What’s your privacy policy?
Don’t worry! Your privacy is super duper important to us. We don’t share, collect, or sell any personal information you provide. Ever. Comments may be moderated if they are spammy, rude, hateful, or obnoxious. To enhance your browsing experience cookies may or may not be dropped by this site or ads on the site (which do not give out any personally identifiable information about you). We link out to many sites, so once you leave this site, you’re out of our hands! Craziest Gadgets is intended for adults, kids check with your parents first- sometimes we can use salty language. Ooohhh fudge.

Your links seem weird
Our links are weird? No maybe your links seem weird. The whole freakin’ world is weird. Sometimes in life, the unexpected is a desired change of pace. Oooh baby baby it’s a wild world, it’s hard to get by just upon a smile girl. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, some of links use a link shortener like bitly. Other links are affiliate links where we get a referral fee from the merchant so that our kids don’t have to eat ramen for dinner…again. Other links are just regular ol’ boring links. We use your standard stat programs and such to see what our readers like clicking on (cats and cat items, mostly) and posting more of that good stuff and less of the boring non-cat stuff. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

How can I advertise on Craziest Gadgets?
Not right now. If you are interested or are looking to do some other size or type of advertising or sponsorship, please contact us at: to discuss.