Giant Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex

Take your short armed Jurassic friend everywhere with this Giant Inflatable Remote Control T-Rex. Unlike your standard giant inflatable dinosaur, this beast can roll around, spin, and turn. And just like most standard office work, it can all be done remotely. But instead of a corporate controller, it’s a handheld controller. The graphic designer on this next image might want to reconsider the font used to write T-Rex SFX! because that F looks suspiciously close to being an E, if you know what I’m saying. Gross.

Fully inflated, and it takes just 20 seconds to inflate, this big boy measures 56″ tall and 75″ tip to tail (the standard measurement unit for air filled dinosaurs, of course). He’s still 23″ long when fully deflated, just like me. Does it also have sound effects? You bet Jurassic it does. Stomping and roaring sounds from the Jurassic World Dominion movie to be exact. And we always are exact here. Always. Trust the process.

Not sure how fast this thing rolls about, and we highly doubt it’s actually fast enough to do a burnout as shown in the picture (seriously, where do they get these graphic designers from?). At any speed you could certainly scare a small child, a cat, or a senior citizen with it, if that’s your thing. Obviously this is great for Halloween, but perhaps less obviously it’s great for Arbor Day.