Robotic Gutter Cleaner

robotic gutter cleaner
Keep your house’s gutters clear of leaves, branches, and dirt with a gutter cleaning robot. The Autonomous Robotic Gutter Cleaner is a remote control robot that rolls through gutters on a tank style belt-driven treads. You can control it from up to 50′ away with a handheld remote control. The robot’s auger spins at 500rpm to split up clogs and eliminate debris with it’s dual rubber ejector paddles. Leaves are just thrown right out of the gutters.
robotic gutter cleaner in action
The robot is waterproof in up to 8″ of water (if you have more than 8″ of water in your gutters you have a really serious problem!) You can control it to move forwards and backwards as well as change up the auger’s spin direction to keep your rain gutters clear and prevent water damage to your home. The rechargeable battery will run for one hour per charge. If you have so many gutters that it takes you more than an hour to clean them, then just have your butler do it by hand Richie Rich. Compatible with most standard 3″ wide k-style gutters.